Our Core Values

We at NCB aim to grow to be among the top South Sudanese performing banks in term of profitability, efficiency, and product delivery.

We strongly believe that winning the public confidence is the basis of our success.

For that, NCB adopts the following five values:


Corporate Citizenship;

because we value the importance of our role in national development endeavor and step-up for commitment. We abide by the law of South Sudan and other countries in which we do business.

Quality Service;

Customer Satisfaction & Public Confidence because we strive to excel in our business and satisfy our customers. We are committed to offer quality service to our customers' and aspire to be branded with quality in the minds of our customers and the general public.


because we encourage new ideas that can improve customers' experience and the Bank's performance.


because we recognize the importance of teamwork for our success, we respect diversity of viewpoints. We recognize our employees as valuable organizational resources.


because we are committed to the highest ideal of honor and integrity.

Business Conduct and Ethics

NCB’s “Code of Business Conduct and Ethics” and its subsequent “Conduct Chapter” set out the principles and practices that are binding for all of NCB’s employees and Board members to follow unreservedly both in letter and in spirit.

Issued by the Bank’s Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, the Codes demonstrate the importance NCB attaches to responsible corporate behavior and the Board’s commitment to it.