1. Copy of ID
  2. Applicants request for opening individual account

For Merchants – Employees – Professional etc

  1. Certificate of the professional activity, address and location of business.
  2. The merchants shall submit the original valid trade license or the commercial register and a certification of registration issued by the Chambers of Commerce.
  3. ID copy (personal ID – passport – driver license.)
  4. Salary certificate from employer.

Corporate Charity and Social Organization:

1- Certificate of Registration by a competent authority

2- Copy of articles of Association and by- laws

3- Copy of formation of the executive committee and the appointment of the three officers approved by entities registrar.

Corporate Accounts:

Board Resolution Regarding:

1- Memorandum of Association

2- Certificates of the Commencement of Business

3- Resolution of the Boards of the Directors of authorization and ID of the authorized Signatories

4- Certificate of Registration of company in the Commercial Register

5- The right to borrow

With respect to non- resident corporate entities:

1- Resolution of Board of Directors for opening accounts

2- Decision of the General Manager in case of companies and enterprises

Accounts of Universities and Higher Institutions:

1- Approval of the Minster of Higher Education

2- Approval of Unit Director

1- Certificate of Registration from the Commercial Registrar General

2- The contract signed with the shipping lines or the telex stating the relation between the Agent and the shipping line

Airlines Companies Accounts

Approval of the civil Aviation Authority

1- Certificate of Registration by the Commercial Registrar General

2- Decision of the General Manager for opening accounts (in case of companies and enterprises)

3- Resolution of the Board of Directors for opening accounts in case of companies

4- Memorandum and articles of association

5- Certificate of registration of the work capital from the Bank of South Sudan

Accounts of companies working in the field of petroleum and other minerals:

1- Certificate of registration by the Commercial Registrar General

2- Approval of exploration secretariat

3- Approval of the Geological Research Corporation

4- Certificate by the Ministry of Energy

5- Board of Resolution for opening the account

6- Board Resolution determining the authorized signatories

1- Copy of passport

2- Copy of valid residency visa

3- Copy of employment contract permit in case the foreigner is working with a firm in South Sudan.

4- Certificate of registration of the university or College registrar in case of student.

5- Copy of passport for non- resident foreigners.

1- Assignment letter from the competent court

2- Copy of the authorization to operate the account

1- Applicant should be natural or court- appointed guardian for the minor

2- The account should be a Savings Account

1- Partnership agreement if applicable

2- Copy of ID

3- Responsibility for the Management of the Account.

Diplomatic missions, voluntary and charity organizations:

1- Special form to be field out

2- Letter from the party requesting the opening of the account

3- Valid registration certification with respect to foreign voluntary and charity organizations to be issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Bank charges

As a special and potential customer, we are willing to offer the following services to you at a discounted price, see below table for our charges. Furthermore, we are willing to offer an additional services base on your request. These includes: on-site services either in Juba or outside Juba where you are operating currently.

Finally, besides above services which we are willing to offer you. The bank will dedicate to you one senior management staff, this is will our Chief Commercial officer, CCO, to manage your account and handle your daily needs.

Banking Products & Services     

Opening account

Monthly services e.g. A/C transfer / ledger

Cheque books

Account statement

Employee’s salary loan

Cash withdrawals

Transfer – outward

Inward remittance

Loan against salary