Multi Peen is a state of the art company that offers cutting edge technology and services in the IT industry. The need for good and dependable it product is everyday rising and so is the need for good computer maintenance services. To most of our competitors, the relationship between you the client, and them ends the minute they do the delivery. At Multi Peen, we believe that is the beginning our working together to ensure that you get the best from the products you purchases from us. Our expertise and experience in IT informs us that the equipments need to be constantly serviced. This ensures that the efficiency and productivity of the equipments is optimized.

Here at Multi Peen we offer a wide variety of maintenance packages to our clients at very affordable and competitive rates. This is structured to satisfactorily cater for all our clients irrespective of their computerization levels.

The annual service contract covers 4 routine maintenance services carried quarterly within the year. This involves, but is not limited to the following;

  1. Physically blowing the dust in the various components of the computer.
  2. Physical cleaning of appropriate computer parts using the appropriate detergents and recommended solutions; (You have no idea the millions of germs residing on your keyboard).
  3. Checking and tightening of loose parts.
  4. Updating of Anti-Virus software installed on the computer or network. (Monthly)
  5. Removing temporary files that are usually stored on your computer hard disk.
  6. Diagnosing for any faulty or malfunctioning parts.
  7. Checking for any errors or inconsistencies in your network (as applicable).